Mini soccer balls with custom logo printing.
Synthetic PVC Material
mini ballsTYPE: Hand Sewn 12 panels mini ball or 32 panels mini soccer balls size 1
mini ballMini soccer ball made of PVC Material with cotton Linning.
mini ballsOur mini balls are Cheapest in price and best for kids.
kidSIZE: 24 to 44 Cm.

Corporate Promotions


mini ball

Promotional Mini soccer ball
Mini Balls

mini soccer balls

Mini soccer balls for promotions
small promo balls

Our product range incluede:
mini volleyballs
Miniature American footballs
Miniature promotional rugby balls
Mini Soccer Balls
small promotional soccer balls
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mini soccer balls

Mini soccer ball
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mini soccer ball

Mini club soccer balls
mini ball

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mini ball
D.C. United Mini soccer ball
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Mini Soccer Balls Quote
mini soccer balls with imprint


Mini Flag Soccer Balls

(Size 1 , 32 Panels mini soccer ball ) Ideal promotion tool for tournaments ...

Mini Flag Soccer Balls Mini Flag Soccer Ball Flag Soccer Balls Mini Flag Balls
size 1 mini soccer balls
size 1 mini soccer balls
size 1 mini soccer ball
size 1 mini soccer balls

Club Promotion with mini soccer balls

We can specially design a mini soccer ball for your club's promotion....

Mini soccer promo balls  and mini soft soccer balls Mini personalized Rugby ball Mini Football & Rugby ball Mini Football Prices mini fussbaell are also avilable.

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