Construction of a Soccer Ball

soccer manufacturing process
Wondering how footballs are manufactured!
A standard soccer ball according to 'FIFA' Standards consist of 32 panels, inhow size 5, 4,3 .First of all Synthetic leather sheet are laminated with cotton and polyester layers to reinforce the ball's strength, then sheets are cut into hexagonal and pentagonal shapes. Inside the ball a bladder is placed, the bladders are usually made of either latex or butyl. After cutting the panels , Silk screen printing is done on the pieces according to the design and requirements of the customers. Then the panels are Hand stitched with Pre Punches Stitch Holes together with a bladder inside the panels, this way 32 Panels are held by 720 stitches in a soccer ball.
Official weight 420~445 grams with ball pressure 0.8 bar
Circumference for size 5 is 68.5cm to 69.5cm
Rebound: 120~150cm at 20 C Temperature

soccer panel cutting soccer lamination
inside story composition of soccer ball manufacturing

Soccer ball Printing process with silk screen printing method

soccer printing
soccer printingsoccer printsoccer screen print

soccer imprint

Soccer balls Stitching Process

Pakistan's craftmen are world renowned for their quality hand stitched soccer balls.
soccer stitching toolssoccerball stitchersoccer panel stitching

22 Year Old Imtiaz work as Master stitcher, his job is to stitch sample soccer balls which are then sent to foreign buyers for order approval.
soccer stitchingsoccer stitchball stitching

soccer bladder
soccerball stitching
stitched soccer ballssoccer ball inflation

A- True Synthetic Leather
B- Pre Pucnhes Stitch Holes
C- Seamless Latex Blader
D- Multi Layer Lamination

Latex bladderlatex bladderButyl bladderbutyl bladder

After stitching soccer balls are placed in trolleys for air holding test.

Each ball can have a different number of ply’s inside the soccer ball, ranging from 1 ply for cheap promo balls right up to 4 ply for match quality balls. The lower the number of ply’s the cheaper the ball. The more ply’s a ball has the longer it will last and retain its shape


 Normaly Soccer balls are packed in reycycled cartons for export Purpose. It is interesting to note that 90% soccer balls used in the whole world are produced in Sialkot Pakistan.

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im doin a project and my teacher asked me to create a soccer ball. your web site helped me allot. and thank you. but i need help in one thing how do i measure the area of the ball. w/b please.......

Soccer ball sizes

Available Panels
Air Pressure
Soccer Balls 5 32 -18-12-6 68 - 71 cm 400 - 450 gm 0.9 - 1.1 bar
4 32 -18-6 63.5 - 66 cm 350 - 390 gm
3 32 & 18 61 - 62 cm 320 - 350 gm


Specification and Ball size Chart

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